2 out of 3 say No M3 through the Tara Valley.
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John Gormley, Minister for the Environment announced on the PK radio show Friday February 29th. 2008, that he would make pemanent, what had previously been a temporary preservation order, on the National Monument at Rath Lugh.
However, there have been government  errors in mapping, the National Monument and this inaccurate mapping takes in only a part of the rath complex.................... and it is a complex.
We are calling on the Minister for the Environment to redefine the boundaries of the National Monument at Rath Lugh. This redefining  to be based on a LIDAR survey of the entire Hill and also to correct discrepancies in mapping.  
Endorsing this request is a recent (February 14th. 2008) independent  archeological survey of the topography of Rath Lugh.
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We are also calling on the Minister to stop the road and put in a World Heritage Park instead.

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