Cabinet Approval sought for
Sustainable Development Plan for Meath

Breakthrough Sustainable Development Plan Solves M3 Legal, Environmental & Heritage Issues

 Main Points

Heritage & Archaeology

• World Heritage Park including five main settlements of Navan, Kells, Trim, Dunshaughlin and Slane

• Tara-Skreen Valley developed as archaeological, heritage and cultural attraction on state-owned land

• Lismullen Committee extended and expanded to oversee development of Tara-Skreen Valley with local and general public involvement

• Heritage Park Comprises a network of heritage trails visiting key Heritage sites within the Gabhra valley and throughout the Core Tara Landscape

• “Heritage-stations” built using model green building practices connect these networks of heritage trails and provide Heritage interpretation, Bike rental/lock-up, Heritage maps, accommodation and restaurants, Horse riding facilities, and training in Sustainable building, energy and waste recycling practices

• Would act as Bus/Rail Transit centres at larger towns


• M3 built to Roestown as motorway, then continues through Heritage Park zone as 2+1 on N3, then bypassing Navan and on to Kells as 2+1 on M3 alignment

• No re-routing of M3 required, nor new planning process

• Cuts traffic volumes and CO2 emissions by at least one-third, with up to two-thirds reduction possible

• Rail link brought forward and re-opened to Navan & Kells; new Coach services

• Construction funds saved enable buy-out of M3 contract and tolls


• Sustainable development plan for key region of Meath

• Self-sufficient business development in region using business practices that guarantee long-term viability for a future faced with Global warming and Peak Oil threats

• Development of new sustainable communities and retro-fitting of existing towns

• Green Building techniques used to build new and retrofit existing homes and businesses

• Retrofitting of homes in Meath will generate € 31million in Energy cost savings

• Local and Ecologically sound Agriculture and sustainable tourism

• Expansion of Live & Work in Meath Programme to cut commuting and strengthen local economy


• Solves pressing EU legal problems with the existing format

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