Tara, the spiritual, archeological and mythical capital of Ireland.
Below is a view of the site of Lismullen Henge and a simple ceremony, Imbolc 2008.
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Surrounded by 300 white crosses in memory of men who in 1798 were hanged both sides of Soldier’s Hill, a ceremony took place at Lismullin Henge February 3rd. 2008, perhaps the first in thousands of years.
On Thursday February 21st. the Henge perimeter was defined  from NGC co ordinates provided by the NRA with the help of an independent archeologist. This man previously worked for the NRA but left them to became a protestor (protector of Irish Archeology) after seeing the  lack of concern being shown by some NRA employees and archeologists.
The original post holes of the Henge are still below the surface and only filled in with distinctive black coarse sand (imported), so a reconstruction of the Henge in it's exact location was envisaged. Below the time line of the henge are field ditches that are  reminiscent of  the Ceide Fields in Co. Mayo, some 5,000 years old.  
Alternating with the image of the  ceremony is a digital reconstruction of 2/3 of the henge. 1/3 is on privately owned land and has not been excavated. We had hope that some day, a complete reconstruction would become a reality.

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